So you’re thinking about selling……

The process of selling a home is one with many problems and pitfalls. Putting up a for Sale sign is the easiest part.

To successfully sell a home and finish with a smooth settlement is something that requires specific skills. The process begins with making the decision to sell, and creating a plan to ensure that the home with be marketed to the right audience.


Archuleta Exterior main picThe East Side including Sammamish, Issaquah, Redmond, Bellevue and Kirkland is a place where there are many high end homes which require specific marketing to reach the Upscale Buyer.

Once you have the right buyer, you need someone with strong negotiation skills to have all parties come to agreement on price and terms. This is the point where many private sales fall apart. A professional will ensure that your buyer is not only qualified, but will be approved for their mortgage.

The second step is inspections. Many home inspectors place fear of something wrong, with the buyer, even if its something extremely minor, the buyer will view a small issue as a major problem. With a professional on your side, you can be assured that repairs will be successfully negotiated.

Throughout the process, there are documents that need to be submitted within specific timelines. A professional will ensure that the documents are in and on time.

The last and final step is settlement. Once this happens, you have successfully completed the sale.

When you work with a professional Realtor, although you will pay a commission, you usually end up with a larger profit than you would without one.

Even if you are considering selling on your own, take a little time and consult with a Realtor. This costs you nothing, but could very well result in you making more from the sale.