Northwest Summers

Anyone who lives in Seattle can attest to the fact that our summers are among the best kept secrets in the United States. I myself have tried (usually unsuccessfully) to convince out-of-towners that this city is not always the rainy, dismal place it is made out to be in movies. But with these beautiful summer months we have been having, it only makes sense that this article has been posted in honor of the Pacific Northwest’s best season.9745-1

Because of the rain, our forests stay green and our lakes stay blue even during the driest of days. I have had many beautiful memories with my family over the years kayaking on Lake Washington, hiking in Snoqualmie, camping on Whidbey Island, and visiting many gorgeous places in between that I am so blessed to live near. It is a truly breathtaking place to live, even in the winter months when you’re running to your car in order to stay dry. But who says that’s a bad thing? Those seasons inspire me to grab a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, if you’ll excuse my Seattle stereotype. Whether you’re a fan of the Pacific Northwest or a skeptic, this article is worth the read. It gives my beautiful city the reputation is has always deserved but so often gone unrecognized for: