Lake Sammamish Real Estate Values on the Rise

As I have noticed with my clients in the recent months, the market is once again improving for sellers in the greater Seattle area. During the entire month of September 2013, prices of homes nation-wide raised 0.7 percent; 0.3 in Seattle. Over the course of one year, Seattle’s prices have risen a total of 13.1 percent; making this increase beneficial to those who are looking to sell their current home. In addition, finances are improving in regards to foreclosures. Sources show that the entire Seattle-Bellevue-Everett area has decreased their percentage of foreclosed homes by 0.71 percent, the lowest it has been within the last five years. The percentage of short sales, in addition, has decreased to half the amount seen in the Seattle area in 2012; contributing to the rising economic stability which around 20 metropolitan cities in America have been slowly, but surely, bouncing back from. The progess does not stop there as well. Data analysts on Zillow state in a recent article that they expect the prices of homes to increase by another 6.6 percent in the upcoming year. The Seattle times has supported these facts in a recent article posted below. Feel free to give it a read and go more in depth about the positive changes going on in our city. The year has arrived for sellers enjoy some of the progress our city has been recently experiencing. 

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