So you’re thinking about selling……

The process of selling a home is one with many problems and pitfalls. Putting up a for Sale sign is the easiest part.

To successfully sell a home and finish with a smooth settlement is something that requires specific skills. The process begins with making the decision to sell, and creating a plan to ensure that the home with be marketed to the right audience.


Archuleta Exterior main picThe East Side including Sammamish, Issaquah, Redmond, Bellevue and Kirkland is a place where there are many high end homes which require specific marketing to reach the Upscale Buyer.

Once you have the right buyer, you need someone with strong negotiation skills to have all parties come to agreement on price and terms. This is the point where many private sales fall apart. A professional will ensure that your buyer is not only qualified, but will be approved for their mortgage.

The second step is inspections. Many home inspectors place fear of something wrong, with the buyer, even if its something extremely minor, the buyer will view a small issue as a major problem. With a professional on your side, you can be assured that repairs will be successfully negotiated.

Throughout the process, there are documents that need to be submitted within specific timelines. A professional will ensure that the documents are in and on time.

The last and final step is settlement. Once this happens, you have successfully completed the sale.

When you work with a professional Realtor, although you will pay a commission, you usually end up with a larger profit than you would without one.

Even if you are considering selling on your own, take a little time and consult with a Realtor. This costs you nothing, but could very well result in you making more from the sale.

Lake Sammamish Real Estate Values on the Rise

As I have noticed with my clients in the recent months, the market is once again improving for sellers in the greater Seattle area. During the entire month of September 2013, prices of homes nation-wide raised 0.7 percent; 0.3 in Seattle. Over the course of one year, Seattle’s prices have risen a total of 13.1 percent; making this increase beneficial to those who are looking to sell their current home. In addition, finances are improving in regards to foreclosures. Sources show that the entire Seattle-Bellevue-Everett area has decreased their percentage of foreclosed homes by 0.71 percent, the lowest it has been within the last five years. The percentage of short sales, in addition, has decreased to half the amount seen in the Seattle area in 2012; contributing to the rising economic stability which around 20 metropolitan cities in America have been slowly, but surely, bouncing back from. The progess does not stop there as well. Data analysts on Zillow state in a recent article that they expect the prices of homes to increase by another 6.6 percent in the upcoming year. The Seattle times has supported these facts in a recent article posted below. Feel free to give it a read and go more in depth about the positive changes going on in our city. The year has arrived for sellers enjoy some of the progress our city has been recently experiencing. 

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Urban Development, the Ultimate Recycling

As a real estate agent I find that more and more people are buying rather than renting, and this article just confirms that pattern. Renters are finding a strain on their budgets due to soaring rent costs, even with the added Seattle condos and apartments in recent years.c7b140d00-c6o

The article points out The Lyric, a new development in the Capitol Hill area with an average rate of $2,2000 per month. The biggest concern for renters is that even if they move out of the city, they are still paying about the same rates when they factor in transportation costs. Even without those costs, however, prices are higher no matter where they move.

The article also points out that Bellevue. Federal Way, and Everett rent costs have increased by $423, $361, and $295. Locals also fear that these prices are causing the long-term families to move out of the city, while people who are only interested in the community for a short period of time are moving in. I can only hope that with the increased amount of developments and the pattern of Seattleites moving away, more attention will be given towards this issue. For a look at the article and personal stories from renters, check out the link: 

A Sammamish Treasure

When purchasing a home, buyers are not just investing in the property, but the community in its entirety. While they should expect the reasonable perks (good schools, hospitals, recreation, safety, all of which the east side is fortunate to have) there should be more personal aspects as well. For years Samammish had the basic conveniences, but today we enjoy the more special qualities which stem from our beautiful Sammamish Commons. This time of year compels me to share one of my favorite traditions at the Commons; the Sammamish Farmer’s

From May 18 to September 28 families and vendors alike gather for warm Wednesday nights to share in both food and entertainment. Whether you just want to grab a drink and enjoy the local musicians or scope out fresh produce for dinner, Sammamish families of all shapes and sizes will find themselves easily entertained. There is something special about enjoying a meal knowing that its ingredients were grown right in the same town, a luxury which I find less and less common today. Even when the market is not going on, the Commons are a wonderful place to gather.

The beautiful library pointing towards downtown Seattle is a great place for school study groups or a quiet read. In addition to the skate park, the Commons are even more kifriendly now due to the new playground and splash park. With the push of a small black button, the kids and the kid in all of us can enjoy 11 bubbling fountains and then cool off on the nearby swings, see saw, slide, and sand pit. Once again my beautiful city has proved itself to be accommodating to the growing youth and family population. With the new additions and the many events that I treasure with my own family, the Commons have helped turn Sammamish from a town into a close knit community that any buyer would be lucky to call home, myself included. For more information on the Commons and a better look at their many features, visit

Northwest Summers

Anyone who lives in Seattle can attest to the fact that our summers are among the best kept secrets in the United States. I myself have tried (usually unsuccessfully) to convince out-of-towners that this city is not always the rainy, dismal place it is made out to be in movies. But with these beautiful summer months we have been having, it only makes sense that this article has been posted in honor of the Pacific Northwest’s best season.9745-1

Because of the rain, our forests stay green and our lakes stay blue even during the driest of days. I have had many beautiful memories with my family over the years kayaking on Lake Washington, hiking in Snoqualmie, camping on Whidbey Island, and visiting many gorgeous places in between that I am so blessed to live near. It is a truly breathtaking place to live, even in the winter months when you’re running to your car in order to stay dry. But who says that’s a bad thing? Those seasons inspire me to grab a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, if you’ll excuse my Seattle stereotype. Whether you’re a fan of the Pacific Northwest or a skeptic, this article is worth the read. It gives my beautiful city the reputation is has always deserved but so often gone unrecognized for: