A Sammamish Treasure

When purchasing a home, buyers are not just investing in the property, but the community in its entirety. While they should expect the reasonable perks (good schools, hospitals, recreation, safety, all of which the east side is fortunate to have) there should be more personal aspects as well. For years Samammish had the basic conveniences, but today we enjoy the more special qualities which stem from our beautiful Sammamish Commons. This time of year compels me to share one of my favorite traditions at the Commons; the Sammamish Farmer’s Market.farmers-market-2012

From May 18 to September 28 families and vendors alike gather for warm Wednesday nights to share in both food and entertainment. Whether you just want to grab a drink and enjoy the local musicians or scope out fresh produce for dinner, Sammamish families of all shapes and sizes will find themselves easily entertained. There is something special about enjoying a meal knowing that its ingredients were grown right in the same town, a luxury which I find less and less common today. Even when the market is not going on, the Commons are a wonderful place to gather.

The beautiful library pointing towards downtown Seattle is a great place for school study groups or a quiet read. In addition to the skate park, the Commons are even more kifriendly now due to the new playground and splash park. With the push of a small black button, the kids and the kid in all of us can enjoy 11 bubbling fountains and then cool off on the nearby swings, see saw, slide, and sand pit. Once again my beautiful city has proved itself to be accommodating to the growing youth and family population. With the new additions and the many events that I treasure with my own family, the Commons have helped turn Sammamish from a town into a close knit community that any buyer would be lucky to call home, myself included. For more information on the Commons and a better look at their many features, visit http://www.ci.sammamish.wa.us/default.aspx